Water Treatment


Shivsu Canadian Clear can design, manufacture and supply clarifiers as per customer requirement. Clarifier is a unit, which is provided to reduce the escape of suspended solids and bio-mass with the sewage. It consist of circular/rectangular tank with a clarifier arm to scrape down the settled sludge through the sloped hopper to the sludge pit from where it is taken to the sludge treatment units.

Circular Clarifiers- In the circular clarifier, the sedimentation tanks has floor scrapers fixed to a rotating arm scraping the sludge towards a central hopper but in the rectangular clarifiers, the scrapers are conceded along the tank bottom collecting the sludge into a trough at the influent of the tank.

The most preferred clarifiers are circular ones as they require less maintenance and sludge removal is faster and higher removal efficiencies can be extracted. Shivsu Canadian Clear offers you the best of clarifiers according to the requirement of the customers.

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