Water Treatment

Total industrial water treatment components and spares from the world leaders in water technology

Shivsu Canadian Clear High Pressure Pumps :

Features :

Pumping of clear Non - Laden Liquids
Supply - Over Pressure
Industrial Water Treatment (De-mineralization, Filtration )

  Industrial Water Treatment
Resins :

Shivsu Canadian Clear has a state of art Anion, Canion and Softner resins of high quality to cater to the various needs of the water treatment equipments for softening, demineralizing and mixed-bed.
  Water Treatment Equipments
Reverse Osmosis Membrane :

Shivsu Canadian Clear has a state of art cross - link polymide composite Reverse Osmosis membrane element manufactured specially by us. We have extensive experience accumulated over the years and wide range of reliable technology. Shivsu Canadian Clear's Reverse Osmosis Membrane meets the diverse needs of the water treatment and wastewater treatment industry. Shivsu Canadian Clear is one of the largest suppliers of Reverse Osmosis membrane all over the world. Sizes : Membranes are available in all International Standard Sizes namely 2 ½ " x 40", 4" x 40" and 8" x 40" available for Tap water, Brackish Water and Sea Water.
  Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Reverse Osmosis - Housing :

Shivsu Canadian Clear makes state of art RO high pressure housing of PU CPVC, Advance Composite FRP and Stainless Steel. All housing are tested by our strict quality control procedure checks to maintain International standards. Size : Housing are available in all International Standard sizes and are available for 400 psi ? 1200 psi operating pressure.
  Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Fitting :

Shivsu Canadian Clear has unique high pressure fitting of various sizes and shapes to meet the entire RO production connecting requirement. These fittings are compatible to all International Standard RO Housing and capable to withstand pressure upto 300 to 400 psi.
Tubing :

Shivsu Canadian Clear manufactures state of art Nylon N11 Tubing to match the Shivsu Canadian Clear fittings. Sizes : Tubings come in various sizes are can work upto pressure of 400 to 500 psi.
Cartridges :

Shivsu Canadian Clear has a state of art micron filter element, wound, pleated, nominal and absolute, filter catridges available in ranges from 20 micron upto 0.1 micron.
Multi Port Valve :

Shivsu Canadian Clear has designed and developed multi dimensional, multi port valve of thermo sitting plastics as well as advance plastic to satisfy all the water treatment requirements for Sand, carbon, softner, DM plants etc. Sizes : Valves are available for operation from 1000 to 10,000 Litres per hour.
  Solution for Plastic and Packaging
Advance Composite FRP Vessel :

Shivsu Canadian Clear manufactures advance composite FRP vessel in its state of art factory to cater to the needs of vessels for Sand, Carbon and softner and DM Plants. Sizes : Vessel are available from 6"x36" to 48"x72".
  Solution for Plastic and Packaging
Filter Housing :

Shivsu Canadian Clear manufactures state of art filter housing in Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel 316. SS 316 filter housing are specially electropolished to 240 grit finish. Sizes : All International sizes are available for both Code DOE as well as code 7/2.
  Filter Housing
Dosing Pump :

Shivsu Canadian Clear makes Eletronic pump which is a positive displacement diaphragm type actuated by a solenoid and a solid state pulser ; safety and reliability unavailable in pumps of this size and type until now. Both stroke length and stroke frequency can be adjusted for 100:1 output range. The pump is also capable of responding to external switch closure or remote signals. Sizes : It takes upto 20 Litres per hour.
  Dosing Pump

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