Automatic Glass Bottle Filler Crowner

SRM 224 / 236 / 240 / 260 / 280
German Technology
Super Flow Valve With Vacuum Pre – Evacuation

Shivsu Shivsu Canadian Clear Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers of Automatic Glass Bottling Plants In Joint Venture with Rita Bottling

120 BPM Filler Crowner

Air containing 21 % oxygen is detrimental to the stability and shelf life of beverages. The percentage of oxygen in the bottled product has to be reduced to a minimum since it is a risk for preservation of the bottled beverage. The vacuum pre-evacuation system ensures removal of oxygen during filling to give a packaged product of international standards.

Ideal for bottled beverages such as Beer, Cola, Lemonade and Champagne. These Filling machines incorporate the latest in filling technology for carbonated beverages. The filling valves are designed to pre - vacuate the bottled before filling.

This ensures very low oxygen content in the product as per international standards, and hence high stability and shelf life. The valves are suitable for filling under CO2 Counter Pressure. While using CO2 pre-stressing, one-third Air Consumption will be replaced by CO2 .

The equipment has Cleaning in Place (CIP) facility. The equipment has an automatic Central Lubrication System.

The machine has safety cut off switches, Automatic Splinter Spray- off System, Height adjustment of bowl suitable for all bottled size up to 1000ml. These filling machines are designed for accurate level filling without beverages loss.

Salient Features

Vacuum Pre-evacuation of bottles
Automatic Central Lubrication
Low Sound Level
Accurate Level Filling
Splinter Spray Off System
High Output
Easy Cleaning
Safety Cut Off Switches
Cleaning in Place System (CIP)
No Crown; No Run
Electronic Speed Variator
Low Maintenance
Easy Service
Machines SRM 224 SRM 236 SRM 240 SRM 260 SRM 280
Length (mm) 2000 2200 5400 5400 5400
Width (mm) 1800 2000 2300 3500 4500
Height (mm) 2200 2200 2800 2800 2800

Complete Bottling line with crown caps

Beer Soft drinks

Carbonated Liquids

DATA SRM 224 SRM 236 SRM 240 SRM 260 SRM 280
Rated Output (Bottles/hr)          
650ml Beer Bottle 4000 6000 10000 18000 25000
250ml Soft Drinks Bottle 7200 12000 15000 21000 30000
Filling points 24 36 40 60 80
Sealing Elements 8 8 10 12 18
Kind of Sealing Crown Closure        
Bottling pressure Max 6 Kg/cm2        
Fill Temperature 40C        
Water 1m3/hr        
Installed Power 3 3 10 15 20
Air Consumption (Liters/hr) 15 15 30 45 60
Weight (tonnes) 4 5 7 9 11
Bottle Dimensions Height 9 ? 90mm Height 150-350 mm

Note :- Due to Continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.

We also manufacture Bottle Rinsers, Tunnel Pasteurizers and Coolers, Bottle Washers, Premix Carbonators, Crate Washers, Cap Conveyors and Other Bottling Equipments.

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