Waste Water Treatment


Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBBR systems comes complete with one or two bio-reactors and one clarifier tank. They are best suited for medium organic loads and strict effluent requirements and fit for direct discharge to the environment. Any combination of hydraulic and organic load can be accommodated by using multiple container plants with standard containers in parallel or customized containers in series.

Shivsu Canadian Clear’s newly developed technology has high efficiency, consumes less power and is more compact.

The Moving Bed Bio-Reactor unit (hereinafter referred to as "MBBR") can treat domestic wastewater.

Advantages of using Shivsu Canadian Clear 'Silver Stream' MBBR

  1. The wastewater transportation cost from the facilities to municipality's sewage treatment plant can be reduced.
  2. Treated water can be used for toilet flushing, irrigation, car washing, curing water for concrete and so on. Fresh water feed for these purposes can be saved. Since treatment plants can also be transported loaded on a trailer, they can be used for other location and construction sites.
  3. In residential areas where sewer pipes are not connected, domestic wastewater generated must be evacuated on tanker trucks to a public sewage treatment plant for treatment. Treatment of wastewater by the MBBR reduces the amount of sludge to approximately one third (1/3) compared to activated sludge Technology.
  4. Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBBR uses less electricity consumption, in comparison with the other treatment systems, thereby reducing power cost.

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