Waste Water Treatment


  1. The Membrane Bio-Reactor unit (hereinafter referred to as "MBR") can treat domestic wastewater.
  2. Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBR is "Low maintenance cost" "Space saving" "low initial cost" advanced water treatment system, by combining active sludge treatment and submerged Membrane Bio-reactor Systems.
  3. Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBR adopting membrane filtration process requires less space and yet provides higher treatment performance compared with the conventional treatment systems. That is why the MBR is ideal for places with limited space, and for recycling of treated water for drip irrigation, landscaping, toilet flushing, road compacting, curing of concrete, etc.
  4. Raw sewage treatment capacity: from 10 KLD to 100,000 KLD OR 10 m3/day to 100,000 m3/day are available in the range of Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” Systems.
  5. Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBR sets 2 or 3 membrane modules in a vertical formation, containing multiple membrane modules. Pumping wastewater through the membranes effectively treats the water. Sludge clogging on membrane surface is greatly reduced as air is constantly scored from beneath the membrane module.
  6. Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBR, when catered to large sewage treatment for cities and municipalities saves space, thus reducing the cost of the project drastically, as worldwide the real estate value is escalating to unprecedented levels.

    The retention time for the treatment is considerably reduced compared to Activated Sludge Process. Thus the Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBR is a compact design.
  7. Movable unit
    Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBR up to 100 KLD capacity can be transported because of its compact size, hence it can be transported to other sites after project termination and can be reused.
  8. Easy installation
    Since Shivsu Canadian Clear “Silver Stream” MBR is a prefabricated plant, only joints, piping and wiring works are required at site. Therefore, installation work is easy and installation period is short.
  9. Less sludge volume
    Volume of generated sludge will be reduced to one fourth (1/4) compared with Activated Sludge Process. MBR is operated in conditions of high concentration of MLSS, thereby producing less sludge.

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