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Ozone is the most powerful commercial oxidant in the world. It has been used primarily as a disinfectant for drinking water since the early 1900's. It is also useful for waste water disinfection and malodorous off-gases from waste water treatment plants because OZONE must be generated on site for immediate use. This is best done through a ozone generator.

The advantage of Ozonators for commercially treating waste water is that it destroys bacteria, inhibits algae growth and reduces scaling in problematic areas. It has a faster reaction rate than chemicals and only oxidation not chlorination takes place. Ozonators provide rapid and efficient oxidation of many industrial contaminants. It is very effective for oxidizing iron and manganese, removing phenols, organic waste constituents and heavy metal contaminants. An additional advantage is that water treated with OZONE does not contain any chlorinated compounds that require further treatment prior to disposal.


Ozonators, Ozone Generator, Ozone, Waste Water TreatmentOZONE is used in the bottling industry for water treatment and sterilization of the bottle-cleaning water. It is also used in beer making and the soft drink bottling industry. Fish hatcheries use OZONE in lieu of other disinfectants, both as a bactericide and a source of dissolved oxygen. In the pharmaceutical industry, the requirement for purity of the reagents makes OZONE ideal for both oxidation and disinfection. Another typical situation of biofouling controls is the treatment of recirculation water in air conditioning cooling-tower systems.

The use of Ozonators is increasing rapidly in the industrial waste water treatment section because it is accepted as being effective, economical & can enhance traditional methods.

Model Selection Guide
Ozone Output (in grams)
Approximate Water Flow Rate
Shivsu OZ 1000
Shivsu OZ 2000
Shivsu OZ 4000
Shivsu OZ 6000
Shivsu OZ 10000
Shivsu OZ 15000
Shivsu OZ 20000