Waste Water Treatment


Advantages of an SBR

  • Batch wise biological waste water treatment has great advantages compared to a continuous system, mainly because the operating and control techniques, which can be used at SBR systems, allow for a far more efficient process performance.

Other advantages of the SBR are:

  • No sedimentation basin nor sludge recirculation pumps are needed. The entire process takes place in just one tank.
  • No short circuiting occurs as a result of which untreated waste water leaks into the effluent;
  • The system is better protected against flow and/or load variations because Effluent discharge only takes place once the purification process has been completed;
  • The system offers great flexibility in comparison with other activated sludge systems, because filling, processing, discharge and rest stages can be
    adjusted in a simple and mutually independent manner;
  • Sludge management is easy to monitor and control, because the sludge always remains in the reactor and is not re-circulated from the aeration tank to the sedimentation tank or vice versa.
  • The SBR designed by Shivsu Canadian Clear combines versatility with simplicity and can be adapted over a wide range for the treatment of ”easy” or ”difficult” biodegradable material on a small or large scale. The natural potential of SBR waste water treatment is now available to you

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