Waste Water Treatment


Leather tanning is one of the largest industries world wide, process involves skins, hides, hairs, tissues, and wet blue to finishing. Tannins are used along with salt and pickling. Normally these organic effluent consists of nominal loads of BOD in the range of 650- 1200 and COD in the range of 4000 - 6000.
Process always involves anaerobic- aerobic with DAF for TSS removal. The colour and residual BOD, COD are the issues.

Shivsu Canadian Clear MBR - MBBR solutions for tannery effluents.

Having executed several projects for Tannery ETP world wide from India to North Africa. Our largest projects sized up to 4.8 MLD. Some of the projects include ZLD (zero discharge) also. Sludge handling, decantering, and secured land fill is also addressed with modern technologies.

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